Group Tickets

We offer a discounted rate for corporates to purchase group digital passes to the upcoming Hong Kong FinTech Week starting from USD 50 per pax. This is a great opportunity to engage colleagues across your organisation to learn and get updated on the latest trends in the financial technology industry. Here are the top reasons for you to consider joining the event as a corporate.

Flexible Schedule

The conference is fully online and, unlike physical events, it doesn’t require commitment from employees to leave their desks to attend. Your colleagues can join the event from the comfort of their home or office, without disrupting their daily duties.

The three-day programme is designed to cover all aspects of the industry so that your team members can easily develop a custom schedule based on their areas of interest and time availability.

Engaging an Entire Team

The conference is no longer limited to a handful of executives or digital innovation team members. Its online format allows it to engage an entire organisation across the region or globally, from junior to the senior level of management, to participate in the conference.

It is a unique opportunity for your colleagues to learn the most successful practical use cases of innovation from the leading FinTech companies China / Asia and globally within different verticals of the industry.

Education and Knowledge Sharing

We suggest assigning certain topics to your team members and allow colleagues to work in small groups on a summary of what they learned from the event that can be later shared with colleagues from other departments and presented to senior management at your next town hall meeting.

This can help your entire organisation to get on the same page and empower your employees to suggest innovative ideas that your company can benefit from.
Finally, this is a very affordable programme with digital passes costs from only USD 50 per pax, providing you with a great return on investment. Don’t miss an opportunity to bring your team on board!

Join the industry leaders, such as Bank of China, BNP Paribas, DBS, Bank of East Asia and many more corporates who are already participating in this prorgamme.



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