Global Fast Track 2021

Your Fast Track to unleash scaling opportunities in Asian fintech markets

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Scale rapidly in Asia via Hong Kong

Calling all innovative FinTechs planning to scale in Asia: join the Global Fast Track 2021 to accelerate your success in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and key Asian FinTech markets!

If you have a cutting-edge B2B or B2C FinTech solution, apply now for your opportunity to meet with and pitch to senior executives from Corporate and Investor Champions in Hong Kong.

Global Fast Track has 2 main activities - 1-2-1 business matching and a pitching competition. Applications to join the pitching competition have now closed, but you can still submit an application for 1-2-1 matching with Corporates and Investors until 21 September.

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Rapid Connections

Connect with Corporate and Investor Champions through the B2B matching portal. Our team carefully curates recommended matches for Champions based on their business needs and your profile.

Active Fundraising

VCs, Angels, Corporate Venture Arms and Family Offices - pitch to a wide range of Investor Champions, each with diverse portfolios and criteria for investment.

Accelerated Expansion
One-stop assistance from InvestHK & partners for your market expansion, including landing subsidies to Hong Kong
Learn more on the comprehensive soft landing package, a step-by-step guide to fintech companies to land and scale in Hong Kong.

Meet Our 2021 Corporate and Investor Champions

Corporate and Investor Champions will judge the pitching competition, and host 1-2-1 business meetings with participating FinTechs to discuss potential collaboration and cooperation opportunities. Applications for pitching have now closed, but you can submit your application until September 21 to participate in 1-2-1 business matching.
Meet Our Judges

2021 Corporate Champions

Over 80% of Champions make fintech innovation decision in HK
Corporate and Investor Champions will judge the pitching competition, and host 1-2-1 business meetings with participating FinTechs to discuss potential collaboration and cooperation opportunities. Applications for pitching have now closed, but you can submit your application until September 24 to participate in 1-2-1 business matching.

2021 Investor Champions

Programme Overview

Submit your application online
Highest scoring applicants are invited to pitch to Corporate and Investor Champions in a competition. Everyone else is onboarded to the dedicated matchmaking portal for 1-2-1 meetings.
1-2-1 meetings roll out over 6 weeks from end of October, and the pitching competition winner is announced at Hong Kong FinTech Week.

2021 Fast Track Verticals

If your product or solution sits within one or more of these verticals then apply now!
Click to find out more about the key solutions our Champions are seeking in each vertical.

Retail Banking
- consumer products
- lending
- mortgages
- accounts
- saving
- aggregation
- financial health
Commercial Banking
- commercial processes
- SME banking
- cross-border services
- large MNC banking
- lending and finance
- business customer onboarding
- Supply Chain Finance
- Trade Finance
- accounts receivable/payable/invoicing
- cross-border transactions
- payment gateways
- FX
Personal Finance
- Personal Savings and Investments without the involvement of other corporate or banking platforms, such as Financial Advice/Education/Inclusion
- Digital Wallets
- Child-friendly Apps

Investment, WealthTech & Capital Markets
- institutional investment
- alternative investments
- wealth management
- compliance
- IPO management
- trading tools
- data modelling
- risk management
- Insurance applications
- aggregators/
-complimentary insurance applications/
- niche insurance sectors
- evaluation
- claims processing
- customer verification
- applications for reinsurers
- regulation and compliance
- process automation
- data and analytics for compliance
- modelling
- risk management.
Digital Assets
- Blockchain technology for digital assets on regulation and compliance
- storage
- trading
- security
- infrastructure
- smart contracts and tokenization
- Sustainable Finance
- Impact Investing
- Data Platforms
- ESG Rating and Reporting
- Financial Inclusion


17 June
Open for Application
10 Sep
Applications for Pitching close
21 Sep
Applications for 1-2-1 business matching close, and participants are onboarded to the matchmaking portal
Corporate and Investor Champions are matched with FinTechs
Match made meetings roll out until the end of the month

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Programme FAQ

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What are the programme elements?
Fast Track 2021 is a flexible programme involving 1-2-1 meetings, a pitching competition, and consultations with government, regulators and experts to develop your market entry and growth strategy
Is there any participation fee?

There is no fee for Fast Track 2021

Are there any eligibility criteria?
For matchmaking, we are looking for FinTechs with existing solutions that fit our key verticals. Companies should have an existing product or solution, and be able to demonstrate some traction in your home market, be that through acquired customers/clients, revenue generated, or investment received. We will evaluate your application by looking at how well your solution tackles a problem; what is the background of your team; what your existing traction looks like; and the overall market opportunity

For companies to be eligible to join the pitching competition, they must meet the following criteria:
- Annual Revenue or Investment of less than USD 50M
- Established in or after 2008
When is the application deadline?
Applications open on 17 June and close for pitching on 10 September, and for 1-2-1 business matching on 21 September.
What is the structure of the pitching?
There will be a virtual semi-final for each vertical, and 10 companies will be selected to pitch in each of them. Pitches will be judged by Corporate and Investor Champions, with the highest scoring company from each semi-final going through to pitch in the Global Final. The Final will be broadcast during Hong Kong FinTech Week.
Do I need to travel to Hong Kong?
Fast Track 2021 will run fully online. Pitches and 1-2-1 meetings will be held over video conferencing system.
Are there any prizes?
The winner of the pitching competition will receive a publicity campaign through HK FinTech Week communications channels, and a complimentary exhibition booth for HK FinTech Week 2022. Some selected companies will be invited to join dedicated landing programme to Hong Kong
Who are the Corporate and Investor Champions?
We work with Hong Kong large corporates in a range of sectors who are looking for financial technology to improve their business, and who are actively engaging with scaling FinTech companies. We also work with different Investors, from VCs to Angels, all with different portfolios and investment criteria, who have an interest in investing in FinTech.
Who are the Fast Track Partners?
We work with expert service providers who help startups and scaleups grow and manage their business. Partners offer fast, free, confidential advice and discounted services to help support your expansion in Hong Kong, as well as bite-size Insight Sessions to help you understand hot topics around doing business in Hong Kong.  Find them virtually on the Hong Kong FinTech Week event platform to pick their brains!
How are 1-2-1 meetings organised?
The 1-2-1 matchmaking part of the programme is open to all qualified applicants, whether you are participating in the pitching competition or not. Matches are made based on our Corporate Champions’ requirements for the types of solutions or companies they are looking for. We evaluate and screen all applicant companies and make recommendations to our Champions based on their needs. Participating FinTechs can also express interest in Champions, and Champions can choose to act on those expressions of interest accordingly. There is no guaranteed number of meetings per participant, as the meetings are driven by business needs.
What are the Partner Programmes?
Global Fast Track works with Partner Programmes to bring you as many opportunities to scale in Hong Kong and Asia as possible. We have partnered with 4 programmes for 2021:
    - HKSTP EPiC
    - HKSTP x Brinc RegTech Fast Track
    - KPMG China Greater Bay Area FinTech Flying Fish Enterprise
Partner Programmes share resources and referrals, so by participating in Global Fast Track you may also be eligible to opt-in to a Partner Programme, or vice-versa. For more information on each Partner Programme and the benefits please see the Partner Programme section at the bottom of this page
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Partner Programmes


“HKSTP Wildcard” is a company nominated by HKSTP from the most popular choices among their 17 corporate partners in the Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Accelerator 2021 (BFSI Accelerator 2021), and selected to join the Global Fast Track Final.
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) will complete the BFSI Accelerator 2021 in September. The Accelerator is designed to shape the future of the BFSI industries by bridging corporates and innovators to deliver breakthrough technologies.

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KPMG China Greater Bay Area FinTech Flying Fish Enterprise

To encourage the FinTech innovation and development vitality, to exert the advantages of multiple systems, and accelerate cross-boundary financial connectivity of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), the first Greater Bay Area FinTech Flying Fish Enterprise election was launched in 2021. FinTech companies in the GBA who apply for Global Fast Track can opt-in to the GBA FinTech Flying Fish Programme when you submit your application!

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HKSTP Fast Track

HKSTP Fast Track in collaboration with Brinc, is a comprehensive 9 day programme including tailored support and guidance on how to scale your business in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. During Week 1 of the programme, participants will be introduced to the thriving innovation ecosystem in the Greater Bay Area as well as key considerations including how to setup a business, government funding, taxes, talent, R&D opportunities, and all HKSTP programmes. During Week 2, participants have the option to meet with potential investors, and engage in corporate matching and individual sessions with InvestHK and HKSTP who will advise the best way to grow your business in the region.
Applicants to HKSTP Fast Track can also opt in to Global Fast Track through the same application form.

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Elevator Pitch Competition (EPiC), organised by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), is an exciting tech startup challenge drawing hundreds of brilliant minds from the globe to unleash their brain powers. The signature startup pitch kickstarts the event this year with a bang, where 100+ startup finalists from 40+ economies pitch to win cash prizes worth US$200k! Following that, HKSTP will host an exclusive Investment & Business Matching session to spark cross-border investment opportunities and the Investment Conference spotlighting I&T heavyweights and global pioneers. From helping startups go to market and find ground in Hong Kong to scaling game-changing ideas, EPiC provides end-to-end benefits to take innovation to new heights. Winners of each Global Fast Track pitching semi-final will be automatically referred to Top 100 of  EPiC (subject to meeting entry requirements) to participate in EPiC programme activities.

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#JUMPSTARTER2022  is partner programme of Global Fast Track. Jumpstarte is the World's Leading Startup Pitch Contest organized by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund and is back for 2022.   Global callout for startups: Pitch to be World’s Champion. Win up to US$4million investment. This is the can’t-miss startup event where founders can pitch, fundraise and network. Applications are now open until Nov 19, 2021 HKT.

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