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Event Dates
The event will be held on 2-6 November 2020, and partner events will be held during 2-4 November at various locations. Please stay tuned for our updates on the agenda and registration details of the partner events.


I am not sure who will be attending the event at the moment, can I change the name on the ticket?
Our Digital Pass is non transferrable to another attendee once the order is completed. Should you wish to update your personal information, you are able to amend your profile on the virtual event platform.
I am not able to purchase the ticket on your website, what should I do?
If you encounter any issues with buying your tickets, we suggest you to try the following steps:
  • Browse the ticketing page on Chrome or Safari as the platform might be prohibited by internal network firewall.
  • Try to delete your cookies on the "Tools" or "History" on your internet browser. After you have cleared your cookies, please close your browser, reopen it and visit our site again.
If you are still having trouble purchasing your tickets, please contact our ticketing team via with the screen shots of any error messages. Our team will come back to you shortly.