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Joining the event

Where can I find the join link?
If you have already registered a digital pass, You will receive two emails from the organiser, i) Ticket Confirmation once completed registration ii) Invitation email with a unique join link that will automatically link to your personal profile. Once setting up a password successfully, you can begin browsing different pages.

This email will be sent to the email address you have used to register for the pass. If you do not receive that, try searching for an email from and in your spam.

Please contact the organiser via our chatbot or should you have any problems in receiving the email.
I bought a ticket after 26 October, but I don’t find any instructions on the ticket confirmation to access the platform?
If you have purchased a ticket after 26 October, you should be able to receive a separate email from with a join link in about 15 minutes after your purchase. If you cannot receive that email, please contact the organiser together with your email and full name.
How can I join from my smartphone?
You can now download our dedicated event app ‘HKFTW 2020’ by searching 'Hong Kong FinTech Week‘ on App Store or Google Play to join our virtual event simultaneously on your computer and smartphone.
I only log in for the first time but have been told that my password is wrong, why is that and what can I do?
Chances are that you had attended other events on Swapcard before and you have forgotten the password you set for your account. You can reset it via the login page. Insert your email address and click on ‘Send me a magic link’. You will receive a link to reset your password on your mailbox.

My Profile

Setting up your profile
You will be asked to set up your profile when you first log on to our virtual event platform.

We have already helped populate your profile with some information gathered from your registration. But we encourage you to enrich your profile by adding a bio, skills and social networks to it to increase your chances of receiving connection requests from others.

  • First name (Pre-populated)
  • Name (Pre-populated)
  • Title (Pre-populated)
  • Company (Pre-populated)
  • Profile picture
  • Biography
  • Skills
Why am I asked "Confirm your new information"?
This happens when you have already created a profile on Swapcard before using the same email address.

We would update your profile using the information we gathered from your registration, and you must accept or decline this information. This is why you are sometimes asked if you want to accept new information
The information on my profile is that of someone else
It is possible that, during your connection, you see a profile which corresponds to that of one of your colleagues (for example).

This happens when two (or more) people have registered for an event with the same email address.

In this case, please contact the organiser via our chatbot or  so that we can assist you best.


How to watch a session?
Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020 will feature 100+ hours of content which will be live-streamed across a 3-day agenda.
Simply tune into one of our live channels by clicking
button on the navigation bar and enjoy live content. Don't forget to enjoy the masterclass and workshops on FinTech Studio and Demos as well
How to find a session based on my interest?
All sessions will be tagged with some related keywords. On the ‘Agenda’ page, make use of topic filters or search any keywords to find topics of your interest effortlessly.
How to save a session to my schedule?
You will be able to bookmark a session to receive notification when the session is about to go live. On the agenda page, click this icon
to add sessions to your calendar.
You can see all the sessions you have bookmarked in ‘My Schedule’ and visit them directly by clicking any.
What is the timing of the programme like?
The event is in Hong Kong Time (UTC+8) by default, but the timing displayed on the platform will be automatically adjusted to your local timezone. Our programme will be scheduled between 9 AM HKT and 6 PM HKT.
If I missed the live schedule, can I rewatch the sessions?
We will offer one replay of the day’s sessions just 12 hours after the live schedule for audience from halfway across the world (e.g. A session streamed live at 9 AM HKT (UTC+8) will be replayed again at 9 PM HKT (UTC+8)
Can I rewatch all the sessions after the event?
All sessions will be available on-demand on 9 Nov.


How to navigate the virtual exhibition?
Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020 is beyond proud to bring more than 400 exhibitors from around the world to showcase their products and services virtually. Exhibitors this year will be segmented into 3 main groups in line with the fresh initiatives from InvestHK to support international startups with their expansion into Hong Kong.
  • Exhibition -  You will find all exhibitors encompassing financial regulators, key sponsors and fintech businesses of all sizes.
  • Fast Track Village - Finalists of the Global Fast Track Programme
  • International Delegations -  A melting pot of the world’s most innovative tech and B-2-B FinTech Startups
You can easily visit 3 exhibition spaces on the navigation bar.
How to get in touch with exhibitors?
On any exhibitor’s booth, you can initiate an instant chat or send a virtually meeting request. The team members of the company will reply to your inquiry when they are online.
Who will see my chat with exhibitors?
No one except you and the team members of the exhibitor. Any chats between an attendee and an exhibitor will be protected to ensure our attendees can network securely on the platform.


How to find relevant connections on the platform?
Our Deal Floor makes networking smart and easy with AI-powered matchmaking logic which lets you find meaningful connections more effectively.

Go to ‘Deal Floor’ page, you will see a list of 10 profiles recommended by AI each time based on your knowledge and interest. You can define your search criteria by adding keywords that will feed the matchmaking algorithm. The recommendation will refresh based on your activity and contacts made during the event.
How to schedule 1:2:1 meeting or video chat?
To start chatting with an attendee, you need to first send a connection request or meeting request on an attendee’s profile. Once accepted, you will be able to use the instant chat function inside the app.
How can I have a video call with others?
On an attendee’s profile, pick a timeslot that is mutually available between you and the requestee, and choose ‘video call’ to send a meeting invite.

Once a new meeting is confirmed, it will be saved under ‘My Meetings’ in ‘My Schedule’  You will be prompted a join link when the meeting starts to redirect back to the chatroom.
Alternatively, you can be the one to start a call in a chatroom by clicking the camera icon
on the top right corner of it. No external link required.
I do not want to receive connection requests, what should I do?
If you do not like to receive any connection request, you can turn off your visibility on the ‘Deal Floor’ page to avoid your profile from being seen.
I do not want to show all meeting timeslots, what should I do?
You can personalise your meeting slots in ‘My Meetings’ under ‘My Schedule’ if we wish to disable some slots that you cannot be booked.
I received a meeting request, but I cannot make the proposed time, can I reschedule the meeting?
It is not possible to reschedule a meeting, whether it is pending or confirmed. If you want to reschedule it, you have to cancel it and book another meeting at a different time.

Privacy & Notification

Will my contact details be seen by everyone?
We take a careful approach to our attendees’ data. Your contact details will only be made visible to other attendees if you accept a connection/meeting request, or your request is being accepted. We will not share your contact details directly with our sponsors and partners without your consent.
What information in my profile is accessible to other participants?
Public profile information, accessible by all participants of the event:
First name
Secondary function
Social Networks (if completed)
Skills (if completed)

Private information, accessible by the participants with whom you are connected (connection or meeting request sent and accepted or received and accepted)

E-mailTelephone (if completed)
Address (if completed)
Will anyone see who I have connected and chatted with?
All accounts are encrypted by a password set by the users. No one including the organiser would have the ability to access any personal contacts and chat history in attendees’ accounts.
How can I snooze notifications for connection requests?
You can do so in your ‘Profile Settings’ and disable some email notifications in your own preferences.

Technical Issues

I cannot load the page of the virtual event platform
Our virtual event platform works best using Chrome or Firefox so have your team set their default browser as one of these! It will not work in Internet Explorer.

If you cannot access our web app, please try one of these steps:
  • Check with your IT team to make sure they are not blocking the domain
  • Try loading the page on another device instead of your work computer
  • If the same problem persists, please reach out to the organiser via our chatbot or
The virtual event platform is not working in my location, what should I do?
Please contact the organiser via in this case.